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Years of research on thousands of companies has created the Business Quotient ©. Use this report to gain insight into the profit making potential of your business. This report has been prepared by a Certified Business Model Analyst under license from the Business Model Institute, creator if the Business Model Score. Certified Business Model Analysts, have successfully completed extensive training how to properly analyze business models as well as how to use this evaluation tool. Results will be inaccurate unless completed by a certified professional.

Why Your Business Model is the Foundation of Your Business Success

Many businesses run perfectly well without a formal or even a well defined business plan, however no business can operate successfully without a clearly defined business model. The business model is the framework within which your business operates and therefore the source of information and decision making criteria with which you populate any business plans. There’s no such thing as a great business with a lousy business model. Plain and simple, a great business begins with a great business model. If you want to reap the maximum reward from your hard work and talent, building an outstanding business model is a prerequisite.